Do you want to earn up to 20% commission from each affiliate?

Belmont offers an i nstant crypto purchases together with payment solutions. We provide you with first-rate privacy and security, where client service comes on first priority.


Join Us In 3 Steps

Follow the three easy steps below in order to join us. Enjoy the premium benefits exclusively offered to a Belmont affiliate.

Become An Affiliate

If you want to promote Belmont exchange and become an affiliate of it and earn commissions up to 20%, all you have to do is fill out “become affiliate” form truthfully.

Engage New Users

After your application is approved you will get access to the affiliate panel where you can create your first affiliate link.

Earn On Commission

For each customer that will register and buy cryptocurrency using your link you will get commissions.

Popurlar Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is affiliate program?

Affiliate program is a mean to advertise through the web. Influencers, bloggers, youtubers, basically anyone who can advertise using the web gets a special link that is promoted on his social media platform, refers end clients to the product. The goal is to create a lot of traffic to the online merchant website, and by thus increase the purchases made on the website.

Why should I be an affiliate?

Put it simply, becoming an affiliate means earning money. If you already have the target audience, there is no reason not to become an affiliate. You earn money, the clients referred from your link will get an exchange platform and we get more clients. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Where can I sign myself to the affiliate program?

To sign-in to the affiliate program, simply click on the “Become an affiliate” and fill the details. Remember to answer the questions honestly and truthfully, as this data will be the only way to recognize you and the traffic brought from you.

How do I get paid?

All the commissions you make from your referrals will be transferred to your Belmont wallet account. That is why you need to first sign up to Belmont and create an account. When you fill the affiliate program form remember to use the same email address you used to register to Belmont.

Where can I promote the Belmont?

As an affiliate you can decide how to promote belmont. It can be through a website or a blog, or through social media like Facebook, Youtube.

What is an affiliate link? How do I get it??

An affiliate link is a URL that you share through your platforms (Youtube, website, Instagram). The affiliate link can be found in the affiliate panel.



Take a minute to fill out our affiliate form in order to join us. We will make sure to proceed shortly with your request.


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