Risk Warning

Risk Warning

 (I) This Notice is directed towards all prospective Clients, and should be read carefully by all interested parties towards which it is directed. It should be noted that the Notice alone cannot and does not, contain nor explain all of the risks and practices involved when a Client is dealing in Exchanger Instruments. The purpose of this Notice is to explain, fairly, clearly and in general terms, the nature of the risks involved when dealing in Exchanger Instruments.

(II) The Client must acknowledge that Exchanging poses a great risk of incurring losses and damages, and the Client must accept that he is willing to undertake this risk. 

(II) When the Client does not understand the risks involved in applying for an account with Exchanger or in making any individual order, the Client should seek advice and consultation from an independent Financial Advisor. If the Client continues to not understand the risks involved in trading in any Exchanger Instruments, the Client should not trade at all.

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